Colorado's Healthcare Heritage

Updates to Volume One — 1893

The Denver Section of the National Council of Jewish Women

1893: The Denver section of the National Council of Jewish Women, a philanthropic organization, was established by Carrie Benjamin and her colleagues in October 1893.

The Council opened a thrift shop in 1938 at 27th and Welton Streets in the Five Points neighborhood.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine was founded in Baltimore by its "Big Four" professors:

  • William Osler, MD, CM — professor of medicine
  • William Stewart Halsted, MD — professor of surgery
  • Howard A. Kelly, MD — professor of gynecology
  • William H. Welch, MD — professor of pathology
The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine was endowed by Mary Frick Garrett, who had chaired the Johns Hopkins Women's Medical School Fund — and whose husband, Robert Garrett, had inherited a fortune from his father, who had been president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

Mary Garrett was responsible for the fact that Johns Hopkins was the first medical school to require an undergraduate degree for admission, and for the fact that it was the first graduate school of medicine that admitted women on the same basis as men. Colorado's Florence Sabin received her MD in 1900 from Johns Hopkins, where she graduated first in her class.

One of the Big Four, Dr. William Halsted — who had received his MD in 1877 from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York — established the first surgical residency-training program in the United States.

Tabernacle Free Dispensary, Denver

In 1893, the Tabernacle Free Dispensary — which had been incorporated in 1884 — opened and began treating patients. Rev. Thomas "Parson Tom" Uzzell, a Methodist social justice activist, ran this dispensary at the People's Tabernacle at 19th and Blake in Denver, about a block south of today's Coors Field.

Dr. Blanche Moore Haines — who had received her MD in 1886 from the Woman's Medical College of Chicago — was physician at the Tabernacle Free Dispensary at some point during its early years. The alumnae directory of her alma mater reported in 1896 that she and her husband, Thomas J. Haines, MD, were practicing in Three Rivers, Michigan.

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