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Updates to Volume One — 1885

1885 — The State Historical and Natural History Society of Colorado

During a meeting of the Society on February 5, 1885, Dr. Frederick Bancroft — the Society's president since its founding in 1877 — said the following:

We desire to secure a full collection of the fossils entombed in our mountains, so many of which, both animal and vegetable, enrich Eastern and foreign museums, exciting wonder and stimulating scientific research. We desire to secure prehistoric relics found among the cliff and cave dwellings of the southern portion of the state, many of which, as bones, pottery, household utensils, weapons, parts of garments, have already been carried outside our borders.

We ought to have specimens from, and maps of noted mines, with histories thereof, and the names of those notably enriched by them. We should have well-preserved specimens of all the animals, birds, fishes, reptiles, cereals, etc., to be found in the state.

We should have on file reports of each state institution, private and public educational institutions, charitable works, the cattle, agricultural, mining and manufacturing industries; also files of the leading newspapers, a copy of each book written in Colorado, maps published at various times, photographs of notable edifices and our wonderful scenery, portraits and biographies of those prominent in the early history of the state, such as Kit Carson, Pike, Long, Fremont, the early governors, judges, bishops, editors, etc. (Henry Dudley Teeter in Magazine of Western History 1890, pg. 196)
That same article reports that the February 1885 meeting "had important results, as the following persons thereupon became active members:"
  • George L. Aggers
  • Mrs. Eli M. Ashley, wife of a founder of the Colorado Stock Exchange (1876)
  • Mrs. F.J. Bancroft
  • Joseph E. Bates, mayor of Denver 1872-1873 and 1885-1887
  • David Boyd
  • Joseph M. Brown
  • Elizabeth Sumner Byers, wife of William N. Byers, founder of the Rocky Mountain News
  • Mrs. T.F. Dawson
  • Cecil A. Deane
  • James Dexter
  • Col. J.S. Dormer
  • Benjamin Harrison Eaton, governor of Colorado (1885-1887)
  • Mrs. John Evans
  • Samuel A. Fisk, MD
  • C.C. Gird
  • Mrs. Aaron Gove
  • James Benton Grant, governor of Colorado (1883-1885)
  • Senator O.F.A. Greene, Colorado state legislature
  • F.W. Gromm
  • Mrs. Moses Hallett, wife of the judge of the United States District Court for the District of Colorado
  • Alice Polk Hill
  • Thomas G. Horn, MD, who was president of the Colorado State Medical Society for 1877-1878
  • Helen Hunt Jackson
  • W.S. Jackson
  • J.C. Kuner
  • Wolfe Londoner
  • John P. Lower
  • Mary H. Mechling
  • W.B. Mills
  • David Hastings Moore, AM, DD, chancellor of the University of Denver (1880-1889)
  • J.A. Porter
  • R.E. Ricker
  • Mrs. R.F. Roeschlaub
  • Edmund J.A. Rogers, MD
  • Judge Platt Rogers
  • Eliza Pickrell Routt, wife of Governor John Long Routt (1875-1876; 1876-1879; and 1891-1893)
  • Jacob Scherrer, who would later be president of the Colorado Cattle Association and of the Denver Chamber of Commerce
  • J.A. Shreve
  • J. Alden Smith
  • Lavina Spencer Spalding, wife of Episcopal Bishop John Franklin Spalding
  • C.M. Thompson
  • Mrs. William D. Todd
  • Capt. C.M. Tyler
  • Elizabeth Iliff Warren
  • Senator Edward O. Wolcott, one of Colorado's US senators (1889-1901)
  • Henry R. Wolcott, a founder of the Colorado Telephone Company (1881)
  • W.C. Wyncoop

The Ladies' Literary Club of Monte Vista established the Monte Vista Public Library Association and maintained a small library. Monte Vista is in southern Colorado, about 17 miles northwest of Alamosa.

Dr. Julia N. Marsh — who had received her MD in 1875 from the Woman's Medical College of Chicago — was elected president of the Monte Vista Public Library Association. The 1896 alumnae directory of the Woman's Medical College said that Dr. Marsh "has never given much attention to the practice of medicine."

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