Colorado's Healthcare Heritage

Updates to Volume One — 1867

Professor Joseph Lister, 40, of the University of Glasgow, introduced sterilization and the procedures that established modern antiseptic surgery and significantly reduced the secondary infections that were so deadly during the US Civil War, for example. Lister's article, "On the Antiseptic Principle of the Practice of Surgery," was published in the British Medical Journal for August 9, 1867, and after his death was reprinted in CM Apr 1912, pp. 112-118).

Medicine Lodge Treaty

The Medicine Lodge Treaty was a set of three treaties signed in October 1867, which led to the removal of Southern Plains Native Americans to the Indian Territory that had been established in 1861 in today's Oklahoma. The signing ceremonies were at Medicine Lodge Creek near Medicine Lodge, Kansas, which is about 85 miles southwest of Wichita.

  • The treaty with the Kiowa and Comanche was signed October 21.
  • The treaty with the Plains Apache was also signed on October 21.
  • The treaty with the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho was signed on October 28.

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