Colorado's Healthcare Heritage

Updates to Volume One — 1863

Overland Mail & Express Company

The Holladay Overland Mail & Express Company (1862) changed its route through the Colorado Territory. The route still ran from Missouri to Julesburg, but instead of heading to Fort Laramie in the Dakota Territory, it now followed the South Platte River to Denver.

From Denver, the stagecoaches and freight wagons followed the old Cherokee trail just east of the foothills north to LaPorte on the Cache La Poudre River. From there, the stagecoaches and freight wagons went northwest through Virginia Dale, Colorado Territory, into the Dakota Territory and then west on the Laramie plains through the mountains to Salt Lake City. In July 1868, the Wyoming Territory — with borders identical to the current state of Wyoming — was created from land that had formerly been part of the Dakota, Idaho, and Utah Territories.

The Battle of Gettysburg

Sisters of Charity set up a hospital in St. Francis Xavier Church in Gettysburg, ten miles from their convent in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The Sisters arrived during the battle (July 1-3) and kept the hospital open for weeks after it was over.

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