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History of Nursing in Colorado

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Colorado Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the Colorado Tuberculosis Association: History of Public Health Nursing in Colorado. Typewritten, 816-page manuscript. 1936.
"Miss Frances Simmons supervised the work and did practically all of the research and composition" [Introduction]. "The sponsoring Association considered the data incomplete, confidential, and not to be widely circulated."

Pearl Parvin Coulter: The Winds of Change: A Progress Report of Regional Cooperation in Collegiate Nursing Education in the West, 1956-1961. Boulder: Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 1963.

Diane B. Hamilton: Becoming a Presence: The History of the University of Colorado School of Nursing, 1898-1998. Denver: The School of Nursing, 1999.

Colorado Training School for Nurses: El Amigo Yearbook for 1928, 1930-1931, 1935, 1939-1945.

Colorado Training School for Nurses: Procedure Book for Nursing Arts I and II. 1938.

Henrietta Adams Loughran: University of Colorado School of Nursing Historical Report: Including 1959-1960. University of Colorado, 1961. 61 pages.
Henrietta Loughran was director (1942-1949) and dean (1949-1965) of the University of Colorado School of Nursing.

Nolie Mumey, MD: Cap, Pin, and Diploma: A History of the Colorado Training School, the Oldest in the State for Nurses. Boulder: Johnson Publishing Company, 1968. Limited edition of 350 copies.

Maude Swartzendruber: The Lamp in the West. Newton, Kansas: United Printing, 1975.
The story of La Junta Mennonite Hospital and School of Nursing, the first school of nursing in the (Old) Mennonite Church.

Western Institute of Nursing: The Anniversary Book: A History of Nursing in the West 1956-1992. Boulder: Western Institute of Nursing, 1992.

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