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Colorado Medical Journal: A Monthly Journal for the Medical Practitioners of Colorado and Adjoining States — CMJ
The Colorado Medical Journal was the successor to the Colorado Climatologist and Denver Medical News. It described itself as being published by "The Colorado Medical Journal Publishing Company, Barth Block, Denver, Colo."
  • Dr. William Hilton Warn edited a journal of the same name in 1882, but he died shortly after Vol. I, No. 1 appeared.
  • In 1894, Charles S. Manly, MD, founded the Colorado Climatologist and Denver Medical News —"A Scientific Medical Journal, Published in the Interest of the Profession of the Great West."
  • In 1896, the Colorado Climatologist (1894-1896) became the Colorado Medical Journal (1896-1905).
  • Edwin R. Axtell, MD, was the editor from 1896 until his death in 1899. Elmer A. Sheets, MD, was the manager.
  • William M. Beggs, MD, was editor from 1900-1905.
In 1905, the Colorado Medical Journal was absorbed into Colorado Medicine, the official journal of the Colorado State Medical Society.
Colorado Medicine — CM
The first edition of Colorado Medicine was published in November 1903 by the Colorado State Medical Society.
  • Edward Jackson, MD, was the founding editor (1903-1905)
  • James M. Blaine, MD, was elected to be editor in October 1905
  • George A. Moleen, MD, professor of neurology at the University of Colorado, was the third editor (1906-1909)
  • Colorado Medicine continues to be published by the Colorado Medical Society in the twenty-first century.
The Denver Journal of Homeopathy / The Critique
In 1894, Dr. Samuel Smythe founded and was editor of the Denver Journal of Homeopathy, a homeopathic medical journal for the western states. In 1897, the name of the journal was changed to The Critique.
Denver Medical Bulletin — DMB
Still published in the twenty-first century, since 1911 the Denver Medical Bulletin has been the official publication of the Denver Medical Society.
Denver Medical Times — DMT
The Denver Medical Times was founded in 1881, edited by Thomas H. Hawkins, MD, and published its first issue in July 1882. The title on the first issues was The Rocky Mountain Medical Times. There was a notice of the change of title in Volume 2, Number 1.

This periodical was continued in April 1906 as the Denver Medical Times and Utah Medical Journal, which was published until 1915. Edward C. Hill, MD, and Thomas E. Carmody, MD, were the editors.

In 1915, the Denver Medical Times and Utah Medical Journal became the Western Medical Times.
Gross Medical College Bulletin
This college bulletin began in 1887 and was often published monthly. It suspended publication in 1896.
Proceedings of the Rocky Mountain Medical Association
The Rocky Mountain Medical Association was established in 1871 by physicians practicing in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, and meetings were held in Trinidad. Its 29 members joined the Colorado State Medical Society in 1878, and the Rocky Mountain Medical Association was dissolved.

The Proceedings were published from 1871 to 1877.
Progress: A Monthly Journal of Progressive Scientific Medicine
Progress was a homeopathic journal published in Denver beginning in 1903
Rocky Mountain Medical Journal — RMMJ
Official journal of the Rocky Mountain Medical Conference. Sponsored by the Colorado Medical Society and other western medical societies. Published from 1938 to 1979.
Rocky Mountain Medical News
"There was. . . a medical journal published in Colorado Springs, and later in Denver, known as the Rocky Mountain Medical News. This journal was in existence about one year, when its editor moved to another city, and the journal died for want of breath. About this time we started the Rocky Mountain Medical Times; six months later we changed the name to the Denver Medical Times." (Denver Medical Times, April 1895, p. 405)
Transactions of the Colorado Territorial Medical Society — TCTMS
The Colorado Territorial Medical Society was established on September 19, 1871, when officers of the Denver Medical Association led by Dr. Henry King Steele invited physicians from around the Territory to a meeting in the district courtroom in Denver. In 1876, the Colorado Territorial Medical Society became the Colorado State Medical Society.

The first Colorado Territorial Medical Society had been established in 1868 and survived for about a year. It was never incorporated, and no records survive.
Transactions of the Colorado State Medical Society — TCSMS
The Transactions of the Colorado State Medical Society were published from 1876 until November 1903, when it was succeeded by Colorado Medicine, which continued publication into the twenty-first century (see above).
Western Medical Times — WMT
The Western Medical Times was published in Denver from 1915 until 1933.

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