Healthcare Bibliography — Colorado

Colorado's Health Conversion Foundations

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Caring for Colorado Foundation 2012 Annual Report.

Colorado Trust 2011 Annual Report.

Rose Community Foundation 2011 Annual Report.

The Colorado Health Foundation annual reports do not seem to be available online.

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Consumers Union: "Conversions 101" — an important set of documents for understanding health conversion foundations.
"Hospital Conversion in the Carolinas" website. Durham, NC: Duke Center for Health Policy.

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Memorandum of the City of New York in Opposition to the Plan of Conversion of HIP/GIH. On the conversion of Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York and Group Health Incorporated to for-profit status from not-for-profit status. 2008.

John R. Moran, Jr.: A History of the Colorado Trust. Denver: The Colorado Trust, 2011.
John Moran was general counsel to the Colorado Trust (1985-1991) and the president and CEO of the Colorado Trust (1991-2006). His history includes documents and a chronology.

Allen L. Otten: "The Colorado Trust" (1999).

Gary L. Yates and Thomas G. David: "Don't Call Us 'Conversion Foundations' . . . Please." Grantmakers in Health Views from the Field series. February 28, 2000.
Yates and David are with the California Wellness Foundation.

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