Healthcare Bibliography — Colorado

History of Colorado

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Articles of agreement and convention made and concluded at Fort Wise, in the Territory of Kansas, on the eighteenth day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, by and between Albert G. Boone and F. B. Culver, commissioners on the part of the United States, and the following named chiefs and delegates, representing the confederated tribes of Arapahoe and Cheyenne Indians of the Upper Arkansas River, viz: Little Raven, Storm, Shave-Head, and Big-Mouth, (on the part of the Arapahoes), and Black Kettle, White Antelope, Lean Bear, Little Wolf, and Left Hand, or Namos (on the part of the Cheyennes), they being thereto duly authorized by said confederated tribes of Indians.

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The first three volumes are subject chapters by individual authors, and are paged continuously. Volumes 4 and 5 contain biographical material. James H. Baker had been president (1892-1914) of the University of Colorado, and Le Roy Hafen, the associate editor, was the historian for the State Historical and Natural History Society.

There were 24 "special contributors," including Charles S. Elder, MD, professor of surgery emeritus at the University of Colorado, whose article titled "Medicine" is in Volume III, pp. 1041-1074. Although it's clear that Dr. Elder was sometime mistaken about certain facts-the Sisters of Mercy did not run St. Joseph's Hospital in Denver, for example-his account is close enough to some of what he writes about that he can include interesting local color and charm.

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The history of Colorado is in pp. 323-658. Like many other histories from this period, the interpretations and even some of the facts should not be accepted uncritically, but it's interesting and still worth reading. His footnotes contain long lists of names and some brief biographical statements.

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Beadle was the Western correspondent for the Cincinnati Commercial.

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Volume 1:
Volume 2:

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Dr. Beshoar began practicing medicine in Trinidad in 1867.

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The quotations from Amos Bixby used in this chronology were reprinted by William E. Davis in the first volume of his Glory Colorado!

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The story of steel mogul Henry Phipps, Jr. (1839-1934) and his oldest son John Shaffer "Jay" Phipps (1874-1958). Correspondence, memoirs, and more than 300 striking sepia-toned photographs.

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Henrietta E. Bromwell (compiler) and Ruth Moore (ed.): "Portrait and Biographical Index" website. Denver Public Library Western History and Genealogy.
"In the early 1930's Henrietta Bromwell (1859-1946) organized and put in book form her Portrait and Biographical Index of materials she had collected from many sources from the beginnings of Colorado in 1859." Her astonishing work is available on the DPL website, and is essential for the study of early Colorado history.

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Catalogue of the College of the Sacred Heart, Denver, Colorado, 1893-1894. Denver: C. J. Kelly, Printer and Binder, 1894. OCR Text:
OCR for 1894-1895 Catalog:

OCR for 1895-1896 Catalog:

OCR for 1899-1900 Catalog:

OCR for 1900-1901 Catalog:

OCR for 1903-1904 Catalog:

OCR for 1904-1905 Catalog:

OCR for 1905-1906 Catalog:

Colorado Historical Society Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation website.

"Colorado Mining Towns" on the "Western Mining History" website.

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"A Few Words to Tourists" (pp. 127-130) are well worth reading, as is the "Official Directory — 1876" (pp. 134-135), which lists US, county, and municipal officials.
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An autobiographical memoir by a newspaperman who moved to Colorado in 1876 and then to Leadville. The book is an interesting and sometimes entertaining account of life in Leadville from 1878 to 1895.
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Volume I: The Denver Directory Indexed by Name.

Volume II: The Denver Directory Indexed by Address.

Volume III: Statistical Abstract on Denver in 1887.
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"First Colorado Volunteer Infantry" website, maintained by a Civil War living history group.

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Specific details for tourists and interesting descriptions of Colorado in the late 1870s. Highly recommended.
Mark S. Foster: Citizen Quigg: A Mayor's Life of Civic Service. Golden: Fulcrum Group, 2006.
A biography of J. Quigg Newton, a native of Denver who received his B.A. and his law degree from Yale and was mayor of Denver, 1947-1955. He was subsequently president of the University of Colorado (1956-1963) and president of the Commonwealth Fund (1964-1975). Quigg Newton died in Denver on April 4, 2003, at age 91.
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On Davis Hanson Waite (1825-1901), the Populist governor of Colorado from 1893 to 1895.
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Colorado was second only to Indiana in the number of Klan members during the 1920s.
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Volume 1: From Sand Creek to Ludlow. 2003.

Volume 2: Robert Speer's Denver 1904-1920: The Mile High City in the Progressive Era. 2004.

Volume 3: In the Shadow of the Klan: When the KKK Ruled Denver, 1920-1926. 2006.

Volume 4: From Soup Lines to the Front Lines: Denver during the Depression and World War II, 1927-1947. 2007.

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A detailed guide that's essential for understanding Denver's history.

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Graff consulted the printed resources, but also interviewed some of the old-timers who had been in Leadville during the 1870s and 1880s. Graff maintained a healthy skepticism about what he read and was told, and produced an unusually entertaining thesis.

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Edward Costigan was a founder of the Colorado Progressive Party in 1912, and US Senator from Colorado, 1931-1937.

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Volume 1 covers the period from 1528 until the establishment of the Union Colony of Colorado (Greeley) in 1870.

Volume 2 begins with three chapters on Colorado's geology and then covers the 1870s.

Volume 3 begins with a "Hasty Review of Political Events from 1861 to 1880" and then tells the story until 1887.

Volume 4 continues the history until 1890.

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Includes histories of Bent, Chaffee, Custer, El Paso, Fremont, Lake, and Pueblo counties, along a history of the Ten Mile Consolidated Mining District and biographies of prominent citizens of the region.
History and Business Directory of Mesa County, Colorado, Containing a Description of Its Valleys, Ranges, Ranches, Ditch Systems, Illustrations, and Portraits of Some of the Early Settlers and Prominent Men. Edited and Published by The Mesa County Democrat. Chas. W. Haskell, Editor and Proprietor. Grand Junction, Colorado, 1886.

History of Clear Creek and Boulder Valleys, Colorado. Chicago: O.L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers, 1880.

"History Colorado"
This is the important website of the organization that was founded in 1879 by Frederick J. Bancroft, MD, as the State Historical and Natural History Society of Colorado. It later became the Colorado Historical Society, and now it's History Colorado, an agency of the State of Colorado's Department of Higher Education. Both the museum and its website are highly recommended.

Richard Hogan: Class and Community in Frontier Colorado. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 1990. An important book by a sociologist who provides interesting historical information as well as sociological analysis.

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Hollister is described on the title page as "Late Editor and Proprietor Colorado Mining Journal."

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Robert K. Hutchings, MD: "Colorado Springs Up to Date," in Transactions of the Colorado State Medical Society 1897, pp. 183-196-a delightful account.
"Written more for the benefit of those who are non-residents and have perhaps heard but little of our place. Many a person in the eastern and central states imagines that in the wild and bibulous west we have no civilized and refined attractions, and that an insurance policy will come in handy to him who is foolhardy enough to venture among us. This paper will endeavor to show why such an opinion is wrong, and to cause a desire to visit us and share our comforts and joys."

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Clyde L. King is described on the title page as "Instructor in Political Science in the University of Pennsylvania, Sometime Peter White Fellow in Michigan University, Acting Professor of Economics and Sociology in the University of Colorado, and Harrison Fellow in the University of Pennsylvania."

Nicolai Kryloff and Patricia J. Rettig (compilers): Colorado Water History: A Bibliography. Fort Collins: Colorado State University, 2008.

Elizabeth Larson: "The Overland Trail" website.

Laws Passed at the Sixth Session of the General Assembly of the State of Colorado, Convened at Denver, on the Fifth Day of January, A.D. 1887. Published by Authority. Denver: Collier & Cleaveland Lith. Co, State Printers, 1887. Includes lists of state officials and more.

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Between 1870 and 1890, nearly 25% of Denver's population was foreign-born; Germans, Irish, British, Scandinavians, and Canadians accounted for more than half of that number There were also numerous Italians and Chinese. British mining experts and investors made up one particularly interesting subgroup.

James Edward Le Rossignol, AM, PhD: History of Higher Education in Colorado. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1903.
The author was professor of history and economics at the University of Denver.

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Patricia Nelson Limerick and Jason Hanson: A Ditch in Time: The City, the West, and Water. Golden, Colorado: Fulcrum Publishing, 2012. The origin and development of the Denver Water Department.

Margaret Long, MD: The Smoky Hill Trail: Following the Old Historic Pioneers Trails on the Modern Highways. Denver, 1953.
Dr. Margaret Long — a native of Hingham, Massachusetts, who graduated from Smith College in 1895 and received her MD in 1903 from Johns Hopkins — moved to Colorado in 1905 because of her tuberculosis. She was a clinical pathologist and epidemiologist at Denver hospitals and was one of the founders of the Sands House Sanatorium in Denver in 1915. Note that Dr. Long's good friend, Dr. Florence Sabin, graduated from Smith in 1893 and received her MD from Johns Hopkins in 1900.

Lionel D. Lyles: An Historical-Urban Geographical Analysis of Black Neighborhood Development in Denver, 1860-1970. PhD thesis, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1977.

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Joseph G. McCoy: Historic Sketches of the Cattle Trade of the West and Southwest. Kansas City, Missouri: Ramsey, Millett & Hudson, 1874. By the self-described "Pioneer Western Cattle Shipper."
Chapter XVII includes an interesting discussion of Northeastern Colorado and the Colorado Stock-Growers Association from the point of view of someone who participated in what was going on in the late 1860s and early 1870s.

Maria Davies McGrath: The Real Pioneers of Colorado. Civil Works Administration project by the Document Division of the Denver Museum, 1934.

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This book of photographs with captions is quite interesting, marred only by the contemporary practice of identifying many of the women only by their husbands' names.

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"The Sand Creek Massacre Timeline 1800- 1865" website. An unusually detailed and well-done chronology. Highly recommended.

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Includes a section on the origins of Lutheran Hospital. A volume updating this history was published in 1982.

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Volume I:

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The first volume is a history of Colorado, and Volumes 2-4 contain biographies of Coloradans. The S.J. Clarke company was a vanity publishing firm, and the volume on the history of Colorado was just a lead-in to the biographies, which were paid for by their subjects or by people who wanted particular Coloradans to be included.

According to these volumes, therefore, everyone always did good and decent things of great value to society, and everyone was honest, hardworking, and widely admired. The biographies reflect the values of the time — the adjective "progressive" is one of the ones the biographers use when they want to give high praise, which is quite often. The enduring value of the S.J. Clarke Publishing Company "booster history" volumes and others like them-despite the tall tales and occasional score-settling-lies in the factual information they provide, including dates, personal background, education, and career highlights.

Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:
Volume 4:

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The book's article "History of Colorado," by William B. Vickers of Greeley, is aggressively racist with regard to Native Americans, expressing opinions that were common when the essay was written in 1879.

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Robert W. Steele, Colorado's chief justice (1907-1910), was the son of Dr. Henry King Steele, whose story is also told in this interesting biography.

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A wonderfully detailed, interesting guide to Colorado during the 1930s.

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