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History of Colorado's Healthcare Institutions

See Colorado Jewish Healthcare Leaders and Institutions for Jewish healthcare institutions and Roman Catholic Sisters: Contributions to Healthcarefor Sisters and Sisters' healthcare institutions.

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John W. Amesse, MD: Children's Hospital: A History of Achievement and Progress from 1910 to 1947. Denver: The Children's Hospital Association, 1947.

Ingrid Asmus, PhD, LeeAnn Wilkins, and Mark Egbert for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment: Locations of Historical TB Sanatoriums in Colorado and Possible Relationships with the Current Distribution of Asthma Cases. Draft Report, September, 2004.

John Shaw Billings: Report on Barracks and Hospitals of the United States Army. Circular No. 4. War Department. Surgeon General's Office. Washington, December 5, 1870. John S. Billings was an assistant surgeon in the US Army.

The section on the Department of the Missouri has descriptions of three military posts in the Colorado Territory: Fort Lyon, C.T., (pp. 313-316), Fort Reynolds, C.T. (pp. 316-320), and Fort Garland, C.T. (pp. 320-323).

The section on the Department of the Platte describes Fort Sedgwick, C.T. The hospital is described on pg. 325, and Fort Sedgwick itself is described on pp. 338-340. Readers who think they might have any interest at all in military hospitals and forts in 1870 will find these descriptions by Army surgeons at each location to be quite interesting.

Meindert Bosch: Bridges Across the Years: The Ninety-Year History of the Bethesda Hospital Association of Denver, Colorado, 1895-1985. Denver: Bethesda PsycHealth System, Inc., 1988. Mr. Bosch was CEO of Bethesda Hospital for 35 years.

Louie Croft Boyd, RN: History of the Denver General Hospital Denver, Colorado, 1860-1924. Unpublished manuscript, Denver General Hospital library, no date [1924]. 18 pages.

Camp and Plant was a weekly newsletter (1901-1904) published by the Sociological Department — directed by Richard W. Corwin, MD — of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company's Minnequa Hospital in Pueblo, with articles in English, Italian, German, and Spanish.
The newsletters are available on the website of the Bessemer Historical Society and Steelworks Museum in Pueblo:
Beverly Collins: "Denver Builds a Citywide Health Network," Modern Hospital, May, 1968.

Beverly Collins: Denver General Hospital. 1970.

Colorado State Board of Charities and Correction Reports:
Sarah S. Decker: First Biennial Report of the State Board of Charities and Correction Colorado for the Biennial Period Ending November 30, 1900. Denver: The Smith-Brooks Printing Company, 1901.

William S. Friedman: Eighth Biennial Report of the State Board of Charities and Correction Colorado for the Biennial Period Ending November 30, 1906. Denver: The Smith-Brooks Printing Co., State Printers, 1906.

Ella S. Williams: Thirteenth Biennial Report of the State Board of Charities and Corrections of Colorado for the Biennial Period Ending November 30, 1916. To the Governor. Denver: Eames Bros, State Printers, 1916.
Richard W. Corwin, MD: "The Company Hospital," in Transactions of the American Hospital Association, Volume 17, pp. 448-454, 1917. Dr. Corwin was founder and chief surgeon at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company Hospital in Pueblo.

Elizabeth Costello, Michelle Fulcher, and Sandy Graham: Let It Be Us: A History of Children's Hospital Colorado. Aurora, Colorado: Children's Hospital Colorado, 2011. 168 pages. Black-and-white photographs, color photographs, timelines, works consulted. 10" x 11½".

Charles Denison, AM, MD: Rocky Mountain Health Resorts: An Analytical Study of High Altitudes in Relation to the Arrest of Chronic Pulmonary Disease. Boston: Houghton, Osgood and Company. The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1880.

"Denver Health: 150 Years of Level One Care for ALL." Denver Health, 2010.

Charles W. Fischer: "Memoirs of C.W. Fischer on Lutheran Hospital and Medical Center." Address delivered to the 1966 annual meeting of the Wheat Ridge Foundation.

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Rickey Hendricks and Mark S. Foster: For a Child's Sake: History of The Children's Hospital, Denver, Colorado, 1910-1990. Niwot, Colorado: University of Colorado Press, 1994.

Rebecca Hunt and Sandy Durkin: Swedish Medical Center-1905-2005: A Century of Caring. 2005.

George V. Kelly with Harry Farrar: Garden of Hope: Laradon Hall. Boulder: Pruett Publishing Company, 1980.

Douglas R. McKay: Asylum of the Gilded Pill: The Story of Cragmor Sanatorium. Denver: Colorado Historical Society, 1983.

Douglas R. McKay: "A History of the Nordrach Ranch: Colorado's First Sanatorium of the Open Air." Colorado Magazine 56 (Summer-Fall 1979): 179-195.

Nell Mitchell: The 13th Street Review, A Pictorial History of the Colorado State Hospital. Available from the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo Museum.

Barbara Moorehead and Guy Walton: Mercy Hospital of the San Juans. Montrose, Colorado: Lifetime Chronicle Press, 2006.

Sherry L. Nanninga: Built with Women's Hands: A Deaconess Hospital in Colorado Springs, 1900-1912. An Early History of Beth-El Hospital and The Colorado Conference Deaconess Hospital of the Methodist Episcopal Church. A Thesis Submitted in Candidacy for the Degree of Master of Arts. Denver: The Iliff School of Theology, 1994.

Mrs. George Packard, Sr.: A Little Story of The Children's Hospital of Denver. 1934.

Peggy Pascoe: Relations of Rescue: The Search for Female Moral Authority in the American West, 1874-1939. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993.

[Olive Peabody]: The Oakes Home: A Haven of Peace. Denver: Oakes Home, 1931.

Osgoode S. Philpott, MD: History of the Belle Bonfils Memorial Blood Bank. Typewritten manuscript. Dr. Philpott was editor of the Denver Medical Bulletin.

Charles Reyman (ed.): Porter Memorial Hospital: Sixty Years of Caring. Denver: Porter Memorial Hospital, 1990.

Marion R. Rymer: Porter Memorial Hospital: Its Birth and Life. Denver: Porter Memorial Hospital, 1978.
Important for more than just Porter Memorial Hospital because she includes information about healthcare in Colorado that is not readily found elsewhere.
Gerald E. Sherard: "Arapahoe County, Colorado, Hospital Records 1891-1899" on the Colorado State Archives website.

Patricia Sherwood, et al. (eds.): Thy Kingdom Come. 125th Anniversary Edition. Colorado Springs, Colorado: First United Methodist Church, 2002. Includes a helpful account of the origins of Beth-El Hospital, which in 1943 became Memorial Hospital.

S. Edwin Solly, MRCS Eng. (Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England), L.S. A. Lond. (Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries, London): Health Resorts of Colorado Springs and Manitou. Also a Prize Article, Descriptive of Scenery, Resources. etc. by Mrs. Simeon J. Dunbar. 1883.

Herb Tabak: Craig Hospital: A Century of Rebuilding Lives 1907-2007. Englewood: Craig Hospital, 2007.

Eileen Welsome: Healers and Hellraisers: Denver Health's First 150 Years. Denver: Denver Health Foundation, 2011.

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