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History of Healthcare and Medicine in Colorado

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Henly W. Allen, MD: "Early Days in the Practice of Medicine in Colorado," Colorado Medicine Vol. III, No. 2, pp. 32-40. February 1906. Dr. Allen and his family arrived in Colorado in November 1864 from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and he practiced in Boulder.

Mike Anton: "Colorado routinely sterilized the mentally ill before 1960," Rocky Mountain News, November 21, 1999. With a commentary by Rob Prince, "Colorado's Secret Scalpel."

Caroline Bancroft: "Pioneer Doctor-F.J. Bancroft," Colorado Magazine 39: 195-203. July 1962. Caroline Bancroft (1900-1985) was Dr. Frederick Bancroft's granddaughter.

George Bancroft: "A Note on Dr. Frederick J. Bancroft," Colorado Magazine 20-21: 225-226. 1943-1944.

William N. Beggs, AB, MD: "The Origin and Development of The Colorado Medical Journal," The Colorado Medical Journal, December 1901, pp. 529-534.

Michael Beshoar, MD: "Medical Customs of the Mexicans and Rocky Mountain Indians," in Transactions of the Colorado Medical Society 1897, pp. 166-169.
Dr. Beshoar, who was loved and respected by his Mexican and Native American patients, practiced in Trinidad from 1867 until his death in 1907. Dr. Beshoar said that "this paper is intended simply as an introduction to a series of others, in the same line, which I hope to read to this Society at future annual meetings."
Francis L. Black: "An Explanation of High Death Rates among New World Peoples When in Contact with Old World Diseases," Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 37, No. 2 (Winter 1994), 292-301.

Roger P. Blair: "The Doctor Gets Some Practice: Cholera and Medicine on the Overland Trails," Journal of the West 36 (January 1997): 54-66.

Tim Blevins, Dennis Daily, Sydne Dean, Chris Nicholl, Michael L. Olsen, Katherine Scott Sturdevant, and Amy Ziegler (eds.): Doctors, Disease, & Dying in the Pike's Peak Region. Colorado Springs: Pikes Peak Library District, 2012.

Carl E. Buck, DrPH: Colorado Public Health Needs and How to Meet Them: a Report of a Study Made by the American Public Health Association, November, 1945 - March 1946, the unexpectedly disturbing report that had been commissioned by Governor John Vivian as requested by Florence R. Sabin, MD.

Bernard James Byrne, MD: A Frontier Army Surgeon: An Authentic Description of Colorado in the Eighties. As told to Laura Laurenson Byrne. Cranford, NJ: Allen Printing Company, 1935.

Gretchen Claman: "A Typhoid Fever Epidemic and the Power of the Press in Denver in 1879," Colorado Magazine 56:143-159. 1979.

Helen Clapesattle: Dr. Webb of Colorado Springs. Boulder: Colorado Associated University Press, 1984.

Lois Ann Colaianni: "That Vision Thing," the 1991 Janet Doe Lecture on the History or Philosophy of Medical Librarianship. Bulletin of the Medical Library Association January 1992 80(1):1-8. Includes information on the work of Charles D. Spivak, MD, the Colorado Medical Library Association, and the Denver Academy of Medicine.

Colorado Department of Health: Health in Colorado: The First One Hundred Years. 55 pages. 1969.

Colorado State Board of Health Annual Reports:
Lewis E. Lemen, AM, MD: First Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the State of Colorado for the Fiscal Year, Ending September 30, 1879. "By Authority." Denver, Colorado: Rocky Mountain News Steam Printing House, 1877.

Henry Sewall, MD: Fourth Report of the State Board of Health of Colorado, Including the Reports for the Years 1892, 1893 and 1894. Denver, Colorado: The Smith-Brooks Printing Co, State Printers, 1894.

George E. Tyler, MD, and Henry Sewall, MD: Fifth Report of the Colorado State Board of Health, Covering the Period from November 15, 1894, to November 15, 1900. Denver, Colorado: The Smith-Brooks Printing Co, State Printers, 1900.

Josiah N. Hall, MD: Sixth Report of the Colorado State Board of Health, November 15, 1900, to November 30, 1902. Denver, Colorado: The Smith-Brooks Printing Co, State Printers, 1902.

C.E. Cooper: Seventh Biennial Report of the Colorado State Board of Health, November 30, 1902, to November 30, 1904. Denver, Colorado: The Smith-Brooks Printing Co, State Printers, 1904.
William A. Douglas: A History of Dentistry in Colorado, 1859-1959. Boulder: Johnson Publishing Company, 1959.
This was a project of the Colorado State Dental Association and its Historical Research Committee, which collaborated with the author. Parts of five of the book's eleven chapters were accepted in June 1958 by the University of Colorado history department as the author's master's thesis. Many of the facts about dentistry included in this chronology are from William Douglas' book.

Charles S. Elder, MD: "Medicine" in James H. Baker and Le Roy R. Hafen, PhD (eds.): History of Colorado. Denver: Linderman Company, 1927. Volume III, pp. 1041-1074.
Dr. Elder was professor of surgery emeritus at the University of Colorado.
Charles Fox Gardiner, MD: Doctor at Timberline, with illustrations by R.H. Hall. Caldwell, Idaho: The Caxton Printers, 1938. This is Dr. Gardiner's account of his adventures as a physician in Crested Butte in the late 1880s.

Josiah Newhall Hall, MD: Reminiscences of Past Presidents of the Colorado State Medical Society. 37 pages, 1930. Limited edition of 100 copies.

Josiah Newhall Hall, MD: Tales of Pioneer Practice. Being Reminiscences of the Ways and By-Ways of the Early-Day Medical Fraternity In Colorado, USA. Denver: Carson Printing Company, 1937.

Stanley W. Henson, Jr., MD: Touching Lives: A History of Medicine in Fort Collins. Published by the Author, 2004. Nearly all the information about Fort Collins in this chronology comes from Dr. Henson's exemplary volume. Highly recommended.

Martha L. Hildreth and Bruce T. Moran (eds.): Disease and Medical Care in the Mountain West: Essays on Region, History, and Practice. Reno: University of Nevada Press, 1998.

Katherine Llewellyn Hill: A History of Public Health in Denver, 1859-1900. A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Denver, In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts. August 1970.
This is a carefully researched resource for detailed information about public health, broadly understood, in early Denver-an indispensable guide through the period she covers. Eileen Welsome spoke for many of us when she referred to "Katherine Llewellyn Hill, whose master's thesis. . . has been an enduring resource for researchers."
Bob Hoff and Lynn Gilfillan-Morton, M.Ed.: The History of Health Care in the Pikes Peak Region. Bloomington, Indiana: AuthorHouse, 2005. Despite some problems with names, spellings, and dates, the book has interesting, informative stories that are told in an informal way.

Lutz Kaelber: "Colorado," in "Eugenics: Compulsory Sterilization in 50 American States" website. Lutz Kaelber is associate professor of sociology at the University of Vermont.

Robert F. Karolevetz: Doctors of the Old West: A Pictorial History of Medicine on the Frontier. Seattle: Superior Publishing Company, 1967.

Samuel S. Kehr, MD: "Sketch of the Denver Homeopathic Club," The Critique Vol. V, No. 6, June 15, 1898, pp. 209-212.

Edward H. King, MD: "Sketch of the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of Colorado," The Critique Vol. V, No. 6, June 15, 1898, pp. 207-209. Dr. King was president of the Homeopathic Medical Society of Colorado.

Stephen J. Leonard: "The 1918 influenza outbreak: An unforgettable legacy," Denver Post, May 5, 2009.

Lewis E. Lemen, AM, MD: "The Medical Profession in Colorado," Chapter XXXI in Jerome C. Smiley: Semi-Centennial History of the State of Colorado, pp. 666-684. Chicago and New York: Lewis Publishing Company, 1913. Dr. Lemen includes some of the founding documents of the Denver Medical Association and the Colorado Territorial Medical Society (1871), and he chronicles their early meetings.

James A. Magner: "Seymour D. Van Meter, M.D. (1865-1934): The Texan Who Wielded a Scalpel in Denver and Left a Lasting Legacy," Thyroid. 17(8): 779-785. August 2007.

A.J. Markley: "Colorado's Early Day Doctors," The Denver Westerners Brand Book, 1946: 225-230. 1947.

Herbert W. McLauthlin, MD: "The Sewer System of Denver," Denver Medical Times III: 135-139. November 1883.
Dr. McLauthlin was Denver's first health commissioner (1885-1887), and he was county physician in charge of Arapahoe County Hospital (1886-1891). The installation of Denver's first sewer system beginning in 1880 gradually resulted in a major improvement in public health and the city's aroma.
Medical Coloradoana: A Jubilee Volume in Celebration of the Semi-Centennial Anniversary of the Colorado State Medical Society 1871-1921. Containing the titles of the scientific and literary contributions to medical literature by the members of the medical profession residing in the state of Colorado. Published under the Auspices, and by Direction, of the Society. Published by the Colorado State Medical Society, 460 Metropolitan Building, Denver. 1922.
The bibliography of articles and books on medicine by Coloradans (pages 19-144) prepared by Dr. Charles D. Spivak is an astonishing achievement considering that he produced it without a computer, and researchers of Colorado's first fifty years of healthcare are forever in Dr. Spivak's debt.
William C. Mitchell: "Diphtheria in Colorado: An Historical Sketch," Rocky Mountain Medical Journal. 1940.

Gregg Mitman: "Geographies of Hope: Mining the Frontiers of Health in Denver and Beyond, 1870-1965." Osiris 19 (2004): 93-111.

Norma Louise Mumey: Nolie Mumey, M.D., 1891-1984: Surgeon, Aviator, Author, Philosopher, and Humanitarian. Boulder: Johnson Publishing Company, 1987.

William Phipps Munn, MD: "The History of the Denver Health Department," Colorado Medical Journal, December 1901, pp. 523-526.

Bruce C. Paton, MD: Lewis & Clark: Doctors in the Wilderness. Golden, Colorado: Fulcrum Publishing, 2001.

Patricia Paton: A Medical Gentleman: James J. Waring, M.D. Denver: Colorado Historical Society, 1993.

Robert L. Perkin: "A Short Sketch of Long Doctor Peck," Denver Medical Bulletin, April 1971, pg. 21

George Siglin Pyle: The Development of the Field of Public Health in Colorado. Master's Thesis, University of Denver, 1946.

Eleanor W. Repass: "History of the Library of the Medical Society of the City and County of Denver." Bulletin of the Medical Library Association May 1951, 39(2):128-34.

Edmund J.A. Rogers, MD: "Dr. F.J. Bancroft," Denver Medical Times XXIII: 24-30. July 1903. Dr. Rogers was an associate in Dr. Bancroft's medical practice.

Carl Rüedi, MD: "A Comparison of the Winter Health-Resorts in the Alps with Some Places in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado" in Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological Association 1893; 10:28-42.
Pulmonologist Dr. Carl Rüedi — a native of Davos, Graubünden, Switzerland, who had received his MD in 1874 from the University of Bern — opened an office in Denver in April 1891. He remained in Denver until 1896, when he returned home to Switzerland.
Leanne L. Sander: "The Men All Died of Miners' Disease": Women and Families in the Industrial Mining Environment of Upper Clear Creek Colorado, 1870-1900. PhD dissertation, University of Colorado, 1990.

Michael Schaubs: "Mountain Men and Life in the Rocky Mountain West" on "Malachite's Big Hole" website. "Mountain Medicine: Health Care in the 1800's"

Harvey T. Sethman (ed.): A Century of Colorado Medicine, 1871-1971. Compiled by the Centennial Committee of the Colorado Medical Society. Denver: Colorado Medical Society, 1971.
Limited edition volume combining and expanding material that had appeared in the April and June 1971, special Colorado editions of the Rocky Mountain Medical Journal. 300 copies printed. Includes Harvey T. Sethman: "CMS Presidents — The First Fifty Years"
Robert H. Shikes, MD: Rocky Mountain Medicine: Doctors, Drugs, and Disease in Early Colorado. Boulder: Johnson Books, 1986.

Duane A. Smith and Ronald C. Brown: No One Ailing Except a Physician: Medicine in the Mining West, 1848-1919. Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 2001.

Volney Steele: Bleed, Blister and Purge: A History of Medicine on the American Frontier. Missoula: Mountain Press Publishing Company, 2005.

Beret E. Strong: Seeking the Light: The Lives of Phillips and Ruth Lee Thygeson, Pioneers in the Prevention of Blindness. Foreword by G. Richard O'Connor. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2008. Google eBook Chapter 8: "Frontier Medicine in Colorado," pp. 53-62.

James Swallow, MD, and John A. Sbarbaro, MD, MPH: "Analysis of Tuberculosis Casefinding in Denver, Colorado, 1965-70," Health Services Reports 87: 375-384. April 1972.

Henry Dudley Teetor: "The Medical Profession of Colorado: Frederick J. Bancroft, MD," Magazine of Western History Volume 11, pp. 193-196. December 1889.

Drs. Gary VanderArk, Kevin Lillehei, Henry Fieger, Homer McClintock, and Jay Ogsbury: "The History of Neurosurgery in Colorado."

Henry O. Whiteside, PhD: Menace in the West: Colorado and the American Experience with Drugs, 1873-1963. Denver: Colorado Historical Society, 1997. The book seems to have been carefully researched, but there are too many imprecise assertions, and the way citations are clustered in the footnotes sometimes makes it difficult to consult the sources the author used.

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